Register for the 2015 E-mazing Race

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of signing up as a VIP?

VIP racers receive a VIP packge with their $39 registration fee. The pack includes a tote bag, lanyard, vehicle decal and t-shirt. VIP registrants will also receive some additional website and event recognition.

What if I don’t own an EV, should I sign-up?

Definitely! Even if you sign-up you aren’t obligated to drive or check-in at any Sun Country Highway chargers. Your registration can be symbolic, supporting EV adoption and green infrastructure in North america.

There is more than one person in our EV, can we both sign-up?

You can both sign-up, but only one person per vehicle can win a prize, so make sure all of your check-ins are under one registrant/participant. Think of it as your EV being the actual participant, not each person in the vehicle.

I’m not able to travel from Halifax to Whistler, can I still participate?

You can, and you should! Just travel in your area, or to/from any location that you choose. Chart your own course and make the race your own adventure. The trip from Halifax, NS to Whistler, BC is just an option we’ve provided, and is not at all mandatory.

Are there different ‘classes’ or race divisions?

There are. We have a few different categories that will win prizes. The top 3 racers with the most points, the racer who submits/checks-in with the most creative photo, and the top short-range EV (under 200km).

Can anyone attend launch events?

Yes, all E-mazing Race events are free and for all ages. Stop by and meet the racers and learn more about EVs and EV infrastructure. We want to see as many people as possible at our events, but it’s not mandatory.