How it all Started

Since 2013, the E-mazing Race has been challenging and empowering individuals to switch to sustainable transportation methods.

The idea started after the Sun Country Highway Team traveled across Canada emission free, on their own extensive, convenient, and totally free network of chargers. The race was established to give individuals the opportunity to do the same, with the added bonus of winning great prizes in the process!

Racers travel on their own low emission race adventures across North America, promoting economic, environmental and social sustainability while gaining an amazing life experience in the process.


What Past Racers Are Saying

The E-mazing race was an awesome way to travel Canada’s electrified highways reaching from coast to coast. It was a great opportunity to experience a stunningly fast electric super car, and to promote the greening of Canada’s highways.

- Bonnie Beiber

Both of us cannot express enough our joy in traveling across Canada and all of the wonderful, generous people we met along the way.

- Ron Gonsalves

“It was quite fun. We got to visit a lot of towns we probably wouldn’t have seen otherwise.”

- Becky Grimmer


About Sun Country Highway

Sun Country Highway Ltd is a progressive Canadian owned company leading the electric vehicle movement around the world by raising awareness and promoting the adoption of zero emission transportation. Founded by president, Kent Rathwell, Sun Country Highway was created to build the most sustainable electric vehicle infrastructure in the world.

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Join the 2015 E-mazing Race and help promote socially, economically and environmentally sustainable transportation in your community.